Peanut Butter is a staple in so many homes. It is loaded with the macronutrients fat and protein.  Fat is important in the diet as it helps the absorption of nutrients and feeds our brain. Your brain is made up of 40% fat – did you know that? Protein is another important nutrient we find in food. Each day, adults need half of a gram of protein per pound of their weight while children need 1 gram of protein per pound. The problem with most peanut butter is that it comes loaded with sugar and hydrogenated oils (a k a poison.) Make sure you read your ingredient list which should say peanuts and/or a very insignificant amount of salt. Check sodium content if salt is added to determine impact it will have on your daily sodium intake. Peanut butter is a high calorie food so make sure to stick to the serving size if weight is a concern for you. Having said that, always stick with the full fat peanut butter. Reduced fat or fat free have been extra processed and there is sure to be harmful ingredients in those kinds. Plus with full fat you will reap those benefits listed above.

My favorites:

Wild Friends

Trader Joes Organic  – No salt added

Crazy Richards

Kirkland Organic

Santa Cruz Organic

What brands are your favorites? Do you keep your jars upside down to store them? It prevents you from having to stir. YAY!

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