Now more than ever we need to take ownership for our health. Let’s eliminate any debate of medicine vs. anti-medicine and all agree that we want to feel good, live a full life and have energy. Now let’s all agree again that above all else we want all of that plus more for our children. Good health is the basis in our ability to thrive. Think about it, if my kiddo is sick often I have to cancel on my clients, cancel the trip I’ve been excited for, lose sleep etc. It is a cycle that leaves me feeling bad for the little one, stressed out or disappointed. If this happens to me often, I am not exactly thriving.

I am not a doctor, I am a health coach. This is not medical advice, these are methods used in the eastern world or functional medicine that help me and my family stay well. Instead of rushing to the medicine cabinet or pharmacy why not support your body on the regular? This way even if you do get sick it will likely be shorter than it would have been. These methods will not work as an SOS – it’s important to take measures to incorporate it into your way of life. Even if you make one change at a time, it will be beneficial in the long term. Remember: Eventually you want a lifestyle of health as your priority most days. You cannot elderberry your way out of the flu if all you do is watch TV, drink soda and eat junk food.

**Remember to consult your doctor if you are  starting anything new to see if this would be good for you!**

Here are 5 ways to help support your body:

1: I have a nightly routine of elderberry syrup ( be sure to read the label (as always) not all brands are created equal. Some have added sugar or dyes. This one is my favorite: + vitamin D3 + Omega 3 DHA (nordic naturals makes a dropper for kids with Omega 3 + vitamin D3 for babies / little ones) + Propolis throat spray (they make it for kids or adults, its great if you feel something coming on but also great to use regularly as an immune support

2: Work up your body temp. Do this through exercise, a hot shower (followed up with a blast of super cold water feels amazing + great for our body), infrared saunas, soaking up the sun etc. The reason our body gets a fever when we are sick is to fight off whatever invaded us. It’s great to build heat + detox your body regularly.

3: Play in dirt. Seriously, it is one the best ways to build up our immune system as well as lower stress. We need good bacteria in our gut to help  fight the bad bacteria. Gut health is crucial for optimal immune health. I also love a good probiotic as part of the daily routine. You can get it through fermented foods or in supplement form. For the little ones I love this powder. They make it for all ages and it is tasteless can go in the water or formula/breastmilk :

4: Eat a variety in your diet. Plants are where we get a ton of fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, phytonutrients to keep us healthy. Most Americans aren’t eating enough fruit or veggies – it is no coincidence why people are so sick or feel blah more often than not. Always think it of how you can add more in, a smoothie is one of the best ways to get lot of good stuff into your body. It is hard to be deficient in most nutrients when we are eating a well rounded diet with lots of plant food variety.

5: LIMIT junk food (bad oils, too much starch, super processed foods, sugar, soda etc.)  It can suppress your immune system & create inflammation – this can be a catalyst when your kiddo is fighting something.