How can we get our kids out of the standard American diet trap? Stop supporting these businesses by spending your $. We vote with our dollar every time we buy products that don’t represent better choices for our health.

To change things up from the usual, try making your own veggie nuggets by using this recipe below- even adults will love them! Serve them with sugar free ketchup or honey mustard. If you find you have  extra time, consider making this a double batch and freezing half. It’s a great lunch to have on hand.

If time is not on your side or you don’t like cooking here are some of the better for you nuggets on the market. Keep in mind these are still processed and the ingredient’s are not perfect but they are better than the conventional brands. Keep these as a treat, or when in a pinch vs. a staple in their diet.

-Applegate Organics


-Dr. Praegers Super Greens Veggie Nuggets


Are your kiddos big fans of nuggets? Let me know!