After seeing so many posts about the shining strength women have, I was inspired to bring light to a major women’s health issue.
In these modern times we are juggling so much (with or without) children. From body image to successful careers to home life, there is always so much on our minds. I can bet at any given time a woman is wondering what she should cook for dinner later, how she can be a better employee, when she is scheduling the doctor’s appointment she put off for months and does she have enough wrapping paper for the birthday present she needs to wrap for the party tomorrow? Our brains are racing CONSTANTLY (I am sure men relate to a point too.) Sometimes it just feels like too much to balance and causes massive stress. It also leads to our health being put on the back burner because of the “important” stuff like social events, deadlines, meetings, and housework.
Did you know that heart disease is responsible for 1 in 3 deaths in women? For some reason, most people worry about the risk of heart disease in men vs. women. For us, it is a bigger killer than cancer, accidents, etc. This is a scary stat, one that should shift our priorities in how we plan our days + spend our time. I always say what is the point of a perfect house if you are not well enough to enjoy it.
Sometimes there are factors we cannot control like age, family history and race. What about what we can control? It is now known that lifestyle can dramatically increase or decrease your chances of getting a disease that is in your family history. If you know heart disease runs in your family, it is a good time to dig deep and evaluate your daily habits.

Here are 5 ways we can take care of our hearts today. Self-care first starts with the basics, like taking care of our self through food, movement, meditation, sleep, doctor’s appointments.
1. Stop eating sh*it on the regular. So many people WISH they had the chance to change their eating habits while they were still healthy. It does not have to be anything crazy, just start adding in more veggies & fruits while pushing out some of the stuff we know does not benefit us.

2. Cut the added, refined sugar, especially in your beverages. Those grams creep up on us if we consume them daily. The daily recommended amount of added sugar is just about 20 grams. Most people are consuming that before noon from their coffee + “breakfast” choice alone. Break your own vicious cycle by cutting It out. The less you eat sugar the less you will crave sugar. Spikes in our blood sugar levels not only contribute to diabetes but also to heart disease.

3. I prefer to focus on health vs. weight loss, once you get healthy you usually lose the weight. However, women who have a waist size over 35 inches are at higher risk for heart disease and should take a more proactive approach to shedding the lbs while getting healthier and stronger.

4. Stress is a normal part of life but if it goes unmanaged it can cause serious health issues. The more we take on, the more variables life throws our way we are likely to feel extra stress. Things like taking time throughout the day to just breathe, going out for fresh air, meeting up with a friend, watching something hilarious or FINALLY scheduling that doctors appointment you’ve been putting off can all be ways to destress. If you drink coffee, take notice on how it may impact your anxiety level. Switching to half-decaf or to tea may benefit you too!

5. MOVE YOUR BODY. I really don’t need to explain this one but whatever works for you. A walk, yoga, spin class, bike riding. Double points if you soak up some sunshine and fresh air while you’re at it.

If we want to continue to see WOMEN making moves and making changes, we need to see women work on their health (mind, body and soul.) Will you do this?