Warmer days call for some light, fresh foods. Living in the New Jersey I spend all winter longing for the local produce of Spring /Summer. (especially the blueberries!) I usually do a main grocery shop for pantry goods while supplementing all week with local produce from various markets. When you buy local you do the right thing for your community but also your body. When we support our farms / businesses we also have access to more info. about farming practices, pesticide use etc. Just ask the farmers, usually they are happy to share! When we buy direct from the farm / close to our home we don’t risk our products losing nutritional value or quality through travel time. If you think about the process of a peach coming to New Jersey from say, Mexico – there is a LOT that happens along the way in terms of temperature and handling.

I put together a list of my go-to markets for the Monmouth County area. I wish I lived in a place that allowed me to buy local all year long but for now I will soak up these months!